Some Important Facts

  • Humble & Proud Origins

    The state of Indiana was admitted into the USA on December 11, 1816. Located in the American Midwest, Indiana has 36,417 square miles, and is the home state of Presidents Harrison and Tyler. Indiana’s history is home of the Tippecanoe battle, which allowed white settlers to come in, and Fountain City, an old underground railroad stop.

  • Interesting Facts

    Indiana received its name by being known as “The Land of the Indians”. Its nickname “Hoosier State” has a very mysterious origin since nobody knows the actual definition or usage of the word “Hoosier” when it became a term for Indiana. Interestingly enough, Indianapolis has only been the capitol since 1825, the original capitol was Vincennes.

  • Major Sights To See

    Indiana is home to many famous sights such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the world’s largest spectator arena; and National Road, the first major highway, now US Route 40 which attracts many drivers. Before traveling to historical sites in Indiana, make sure your car and tires are in good condition suggests an Evansville tire store manager.

With its history ranging from the Native American wars, to the Civil War, as well as the swift industrialization of America, Indiana has more than earned the right to call itself the crossroads of America. The Hoosier is also home to the beginning of famous stories such as the first train robbery, making this state a must-see stop when travelling through for fun or for business.