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Most Common Types of Hawaii Sportfish

Hawaii Sportfish

Common types of sportfish in and around the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii sportfish anglers are ever in pursuit of the greatest sporting reward in Hawaii. Makaira nigricans is one of the most sought sporting fish in Hawaii. It happens to be among the largest, most powerful and beautiful sporting fish species in this region. Besides the Pacific Blue Marlin species, the Hawaiian waters are rich in various types of sportfish. Some of them are discussed below.

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Pacific Blue Marlin 


· Scientific name : Makaira nigricans

· Hawaiian name : a’u

· Fishing method : live bait/trolling

· Average weight : 200lbs

· Best fishing : all year round

The entire calendar year is a perfect time to sportfish this species. Nonetheless, you might find that during summer, there is plenty of this fish species in number in the Hawaiian waters. To easily catch the fish, you should slowly troll your boat. This creates conflict between the fish and the live bait. Consequently, the fish opens its mouth wide open to swallow the entire bait using a vacuum-like force.

After taking the bait, your hook should be set 3-5 seconds. Any longer than this gives the Marlin a chance to swallow the bait and what is left is a less enjoyable fight. Improper timing can also lead to higher chances of mortality which is caused by gut-hooking.

There is a lot of fun in using a live bait in sportfishing this marlin as compared to trolling. Apart from this, there is an advantage that comes with live baiting. That is, the cost of releasing it. In case the hook isn’t easy to remove, you can cut the line in order to release the fish with less trauma.

Pacific Sailfish


· Scientific name : Istiophorus platypterus

· Hawaiian name : a’u lepe

· Fishing method : live bait/ daytime trolling

· Average weight : 45lbs

· Best fishing : year round

The chances of catching this fish in Hawaiian waters are seldom. Therefore, you should not spend too much time targeting this fish. However, this does not mean that the fish do not exist. They are there but they are caught on rare cases.

Broadbill Swordfish


· Scientific name : Xiphias gladius

· Hawaiian name : a’u ku

· Fishing method : night handline

· Average weight : 100lbs

· Best fishing : May-September

Here is a fish species that directs a lot of traffic to Hawaiian waters. It offers amazing diversity to angling adventurers. The species is a night fish and is usually caught by use of a lightstick towards the end of the line. Chances of catching this fish are higher in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands as compared to the main islands. This is probably due to overfishing for commercial purpose. This fish makes a Japanese delicacy known as Shutome. The Broadbill is a specific longliner’s target who need to supplement their stocks when tuna bite is slow.

Bigeye Tuna 


· Scientific name : Thunnus obesus

· Hawaiian name : �ahi po’onui

· Fishing method : handline/trolling

· Average weight : 40lbs

· Best fishing : October –April

Most of the times, this fish species is mistaken for Yellowfin. However, it has a bigger eye and it is much smaller than the Yellowfin. This fish is a seldom target in Hawaiian waters because other species like the Yellowfin and Marlin are readily available.



· Scientific name : Acanthocybium solanderi

· Hawaiian name : �ono

· Fishing method : live bait/trolling

· Average weight : 25lbs

· Best fishing : April-October

Surprisingly, this is one of the fastest and yet most delicious Hawaiian gamefish species. It has the sharpest tooth and most of the times, it is found at the bottom of the Hawaiian waters. However, it appears on the surface when attacking its prey.

The above are just some of the types of Hawaii sportfish. You can find each of them at different times of the year. Hence, Hawaii is usually busy all year round for sportfishing. It is one of the best place in the world to explore due to the rich diversity of gamefish it contains.