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Boar Hunting In Hawaii

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Hunting Boar in Hawaii

You can find wild boar all throughout Hawaii. However, they are most common on a few specific islands. These islands are Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Kauai. These are also the only islands in which boar hunting is allowed.

The island of Lanai has a large boar population, but hunting them isn’t allowed and would be considered poaching. Each island has specific limits to the amount of boar you can kill a day. This is because, as is the case around the world, they need to make sure that the population stays in check so that way the ecosystem can continue to thrive and prosper.

On Maui, you can kill two boars per day as a single hunter. So, if you’re with another hunter, then that person can kill two and you can kill two. On Molokai, the limit is exactly the same, two per day for each hunter. With Oahu, you can only kill one boar of each sex. So, one male and one female. Again, this is per day and per hunter. Finally, with Kauai, a hunter can only kill one boar a day.

These limits are strict, but they are necessary in order to keep the environment in check. As for the time frame of your hunt, the rules are very strict and very clear. You can only hunt one-hour before sunrise, and one-hour after sunset. Again, if you violate these rules and you get caught, you will be charged. This rule applies to the entirety of Hawaii.

Before you can actually start hunting boar in Hawaii, you need to go to the HDNR and give them a letter of exemption. This letter indicates that already you have the qualifications needed for hunting outside Hawaii. You MUST complete this step before doing anything else.

To accomplish this, you must have a copy your HEC - Hunter Educations Certificate - and mail it to this address.

Hunting program in Hawaii. 1130 North Nimitz Highway, Suite A-212

Boars travel in small groups, and they leave behind plenty of signs that showcase their movements and whereabouts. Much like deer, they prefer to stay behind cover, but unlike deer, they don’t have any problem venturing out into more open spaces such as agricultural fields and what not. Due to these habits, there are three very popular means of hunting them. Hearing and smell are their strongest senses. Sight, however, is definitely not one of their strongest senses. At all. In fact, they have terrible sight. So, what a lot of people do is they see a boar and then they stalk it. Usually, they spend a bit of time watching a water source or a field of some kind, it helps to keep your distance and to spot them with binoculars, and then they stalk it for a bit while making their move.

Boars tend to wander around rather aimlessly. Going from place to place with no real goal. Using a deer feeder, you can set up bait and wait for them to take it. One thing to remember is that boars will eat anything. Literally anything. Their diet consists of whatever they can get. Worms. Mice. Lizards. And even snakes. Another thing you can do is to wait by a water source of some kind. Boars have no sweat glands, so they need to cool off in cool areas of some kind.

Videos of boar hunting in Hawaii

This last method is controversial and is a bit more difficult. Dog hunting is popular in Hawaii when hunting boars and it has become quite common. However, the restrictions on dog hunting are loose and somewhat unregulated, so you see a lot of fringe methods occurring. Such as spearing the boars once the dog has attacked them for killing them with a pocket knife.

None of these methods are bad, but they are controversial. If you’re going to bring a dog along, you need a Kevlar dog vest of some kind. This is a requirement for this kind of thing and without it, your dog will be unsafe and could be potentially injured or killed.

As for the equipment, you’ll need this definitely depends on you and what you want to do. All I can do is give you a few recommendations that have worked pretty well for others and continue to do so. For a rifle, any deer rifle will do. A .243 caliber works just fine, so if you have that, there is no need to spend any extra money on anything else.

If you have a .244, that works too. One thing to remember is that if you’re hunting in a residential area, then you need to use a bow or a crossbow. Guns aren’t allowed. Ammunition is a bit more tricky because boars are incredibly tough. Premium bullets are a necessity and that could be anything from Winchester Fail-Safe to Barnes MRX.

If you want to do something a bit different, you could use a bow or a crossbow. You need something durable and something that is balanced as well.

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Hawaii is a beautiful place. Some of the nicest weather. Beautiful oceans. Stunning fish. Great people. And a climate that is like no other. It’s important to respect the land itself and to respect the laws that have been enacted for each island. Each law was made for a good reason, and we must respect that. You can find all kinds of amazing sights and sounds on any of Hawaii’s beautiful islands. Whether you’re on Oahu or Maui, there is something for you. For that reason, boar hunting is nice because it allows you to take the time to see the island and to observe the intricacies of its environment. Remember, boar are cautious animals that wander around. It may take some time to actually find one, and during that period of waiting, you can observe the rich environment and the beautiful landscapes that surround you. Hawaii is beautiful. Take time to enjoy it.